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Broadercasting, 2017 - 2018

Commissioned by Radiophrenia to produce a soundwork for broadcast, I worked in collaboration with poet Luke Shaw and artists at Project Ability on a series of creative writing, noise making and sound recording workshops. 

Through voicing, technologies, and alternative forms of collaboration, participants approached writing in new ways, conjuring stories and poems out of their everyday experiences, their pasts and speculative futures. They transformed found material and objects into words and sounds that are lyrical and emotional, funny and fantastical.

The resulting sound collage - described by one participant as "loud like a tropical jungle on a busy city street" - is titled GIRAFFE'S AYE, and was broadcast by Radiophrenia in November 2017. It can be heard here

A video documenting this project was created by Media Coop and can be viewed here

We were asked to return for the following edition of Radiophrenia in 2018, where we developed and expanded the project to create another soundwork titled Foreground Balloon. 

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