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At least some sentiments were expressed, if not all 

Performative talk and publication with Serra Tansel, September 2015, produced for the exhibition ‘The Shock of Victory’ at the CCA, Glasgow.

Myself and Serra Tansel spent June and July 2015 in Athens, Greece, as witnesses to and participants in a time of intense political activity. Putting our bodies amongst many other bodies at protests and rallies and around tables - on the night of the referendum on 5th July 2015 and on many other nights - was an emotional and politicising experience for us both.

For this event we invited people from a range of backgrounds and professions to contribute writing, images, music, film, objects and poetry that reflected upon, questioned or re-imagined the events of summer 2015 in Greece. These people are mostly Greek, though not all, and based in Athens, though some are now back in their respective European countries. What connects them is that they shared this time in Athens with us.

With contributions from: Laura Bray & Dimitris Kassis; Becky Campbell; Catriona Gallagher; Dimitris Makropoulos; Panagis Marketos; Elisabeth Molin; Maria Papapostolou; Stelios Tsilioukas; Augustus Veinoglou; Talc Design Studio; and Lydia Lazari.

Watch the video of the event here 

Download the PDF publication here

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